Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Passage Release Day!

Today is the day that the BIG, MAGNIFICENT, HUGELY ANTICIPATED book The Passage hits shelves!

I'm sure you know by now, because you're book people, that the new releases hit shelves on Tuesdays. Yep, I remember the days of setting aside street date titles and working to get them all out and on the shelves and on displays before the gates opened at Waldens. I think I did a pretty good job at it, too. You could always count on me to have them out -- mostly because if I wasn't working there, I would be one showing up Tuesday morning for their favorite author's new release.

Anywho. I want you to go out and make a few books bestsellers this week. Do it. Go buy a book! You have a plethora of amazing reads to choose from this week.

First is Justin Cronin's The Passage. I read this Memorial Day weekend and I can't stop talking about it. And here you can see Justin Cronin on Good Morning America while Stephen King gushes about the book. Not joking. They also have an excerpt up. Not only that, but there's a really cool website for the book. Check it out here.

Another book hitting shelves this week (technically tomorrow, but I'll bet you might find it today at BN) is Michael Koryta's latest, So Cold the River, a book I told you about here. It's another perfect chilling read for summer that you won't want to miss out on.

For strict crime fiction fans (no vampires in sight and nothing paranormal here), R.J. Ellory's The Anniversary Man is due out this week. This is a dark and somewhat disturbing (not on a Mo Hayder level, though) crime thriller by an author who is just making his way here over the pond. He has seven books out in the UK, but this is just his second to be released here. I love, love, love both of the books (A Quiet Belief in Angels) and highly recommend them to mystery/thriller fans (here's my Anniversary Man post and here's the one for A Quiet Belief in Angels)

So these are the week's releases that I've read, but I also have to recommend one more. It's more vampires, but it's definitely for a different audience. Meg Cabot has put her stamp on the vampire world with Insatiable and it's due out today. I love Meg Cabot. She cracks me up. I have this one in the TBR and can't wait to get to it.

So, go buy a book. Go. Now. You can make a bestseller happen!

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Cheryl said...

I plan to read The Passage soon. Just finished So Cold the River and Insatible. Both good books