Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pre Pub Book Buzz: Jane Bites Back

I forgot to do this on Saturday, probably because I was super late posting anyway. I was kind of taking a little online vacation this weekend since I also did not have to work. And I spent my weekend catching up on Lost -- yeah, lots of time spent in front of the tv! I still have three episodes left and am dying to know what happens. We also saw Avatar, finally. My eyes are going cross from all of it. Shame, shame on me.

I'm guessing you can see why I'd be taking a bit of a break, right? And of course I didn't get much reading in this weekend. I'll remedy it a bit this week.

One of the things I did read last week was Michael Thomas Ford's Jane Bites Back, due out this Tuesday. It was great fun! I know, in the multitude of Jane Austen inspired books and horror mash-ups that are out there, that it might be hard to choose one over another. I do highly recommend this one.

First off, it's hilarious. Second, Jane comes across very real, not at all stuffy as I've seen her in some other titles (not going to mention which). And third, did I mention it's hilarious? Jane's running a bookstore in a tiny town in New York, hosting events with other authors using her famous works as inspiration for their own. While Jane gets nothing for it! She's been trying to get a new book published for ages and has suffered 116 rejections thus far. Plus, her maker has shown up in town and is threatening exposure, or worse, if she doesn't go back to him. But things start to look up when an editor expresses interest in the title and Jane may even have a new boyfriend in her life.

My favorite part, not to give anything away, is Jane battling other literary vamps!

This is the first of three proposed titles featuring Jane. There's a teaser for book two, Jane Goest Batty, at the end of Jane Bites Back. Can't wait!

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Cheryl said...

I haven't read many Jan Austen books but this one sounds good. Will have to check it out