Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deadtown Contest

Sweet! Nancy Holzner is holding a contest for her debut release, Deadtown, which hits shelves Dec. 29.

I've been waiting for this one since reading the review in PW. It sounds totally up my alley!

Here's the review for you to see (from BN.com)

In Holzner’s fast-paced urban fantasy debut, shape-shifter Victory Vaughn fights demons in an alternate present-day Boston, where a few thousand people have been mysteriously zombified and are now confined to the neighborhood of Deadtown along with vampires, werewolves, and other “Paranormal Americans.” Vicky’s sometime boyfriend, Kane, a werewolf, lawyer, and PA rights advocate, gets some competition from human detective Daniel; teen zombie sidekick Tina occasionally wreaks unintentional havoc; and Vicky’s sister, Gwen, an inactive shape-shifter and suburban wife and mother, argues with Vicky over their life choices and attitudes toward shape-shifting in the most fully realized and emotionally compelling parts of the book. ... This fun and facile tale would be a great beach read if it weren’t coming out in the middle of the winter.

The contest is running now, so head over to Holzner's site here for more info. Good luck!

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Nancy Holzner said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest! I posted the first chapter of Deadtown on my site today to give people a sneak peek.