Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Muse-ic Post

I know, I know, I'm a total dork for that title. I know. I can't help it. I'M GOING TO SEE MUSE!!!

Week before last, I noticed a post on Facebook by Silversun Pickups re new tour dates. SSPU is a band I discovered this year while listening to the very short-lived, excellent Denver alternative station that sadly is no longer. (Someone had the bright idea that a station actually playing more than the standard rotation would be better served by changing to conservative talk radio. Ugh.) Anywho, I found some great new bands in the little time that I was able to tune in and SSPU was just one of them.

I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw that this leg of the Resistance tour is hitting Denver. A friend from high school saw Muse in Germany a few months back and I couldn't help but be insanely jealous. I haven't been to a show since we moved out here. I'm broke half the time and there haven't been any big shows that I wanted to spend the cash on. And how much better can you get than Silversun Pickups and Muse, I ask. Not very.

Back when Absolution was released, "Time is Running Out" was one of my mandatory jukebox picks. Yes, I used to cash in for rolls of quarters to play pool and load up the playlist back in the very short few months that I hit bars after graduating college. But I wasn't quite addicted yet. It was later when I realized just how much Danny Boyle enjoyed using them in his films -- ever have those, "what was that song?!," moments while watching commercials or movies? Yeah, for me, the answer seemed to be coming up Muse more often than not. They were a significant addition to my music collection considering I bought three cds (one being Hullabaloo Soundtrack, a two-disc set) all in one month.

I'm getting very adept at pointing out Muse moments these days. "Resistance" has been in no less than three commercials that I've seen lately -- the trailer for V, the Scream awards on Spike, and the trailer for the new Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie, Knight and Day (and the song is the best part of the trailer). Back when Sunshine was released, I picked out "Shrinking Universe" in seconds. And the train robbery scene in Millions, yep, happily Muse as well. ("Hysteria" if you're curious, and then "Blackout" as well.) BTW, Millions (and all of Danny Boyle's films for that matter) is a great movie. Check it out. Much more family friendly than his usual fare.

And how could I miss Twilight and New Moon? Stephenie Meyer proudly admitted that Muse was on her own playlist while writing. They even contribute to Guitar Hero. Sometimes, when I listen to "Knights of Cydonia," I can't help but see the colored keys when I close my eyes!

And I get to go see them! Did I forget to mention that I snagged tix? I totally did. Now I just have to wait four months to actually see the show. I've been gearing up by watching the Live at Wembley Stadium videos on Muse's official Youtube page. And, yes, strange as the "Undisclosed Desires" video is, it has quickly become my favorite song on the new album.

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