Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have you Heard of Mark Henry?

What about Amanda Feral? I've just been introduced, partially thanks to Cherie Priest and partially thanks to an ARC campaign by the publisher that resulted in my getting a copy of Battle of the Network Zombies (awesome!).

And broke as I am right now, I just had to round out a couple of series (Henry's included) with some book orders. As I admitted yesterday, I did order the follow-up titles to Cherie Priest's Four and Twenty Blackbirds, and since I have Henry's third but no first or second, I had to remedy that. Two will have to wait just a bit longer (like, until I get a paycheck from my new job, but that won't be long). But I will have it in time to be completely well read and prepared for reviewing Battle in time for it's Feb 23 release.

In the meantime, this should probably be a pre-publication book buzz post, and I probably will still include Battle in one of those Saturday posts, but Happy Hour of the Damned is already out and about on shelves. (Another but) But, it's getting a lower price point and a brand new release on January 31. I'll have read mine by then and will have told you how fabulous a read I've no doubt it will be, and then you'll all run out and buy the copy that's available or you'll pre-order the mass market version.

Then, for all you impatient folk (this makes for perfect timing, trust me) you'll run out and buy Road Trip of the Living Dead and zip through just in time for Battle to hit the shelves all brand-spanking new and ready to read.


So, if you've read Mark Henry, and I know you're out there because I've read the reviews, pass the word on to others (like me) who haven't yet. Grab some extras and shove 'em in unsuspecting family members' stockings, abandon copies in airports and coffee shops so that strangers will discover them and pass them along as well. And post the Save Amanda Feral banner proudly! (Might I suggest some tees to go along with this? I'd totally wear one.)

I shoulda been in bed with my Ambien 30 minutes ago, but forgot I'd taken it while remembering I hadn't blogged yet. Stupid.

Anywho, check out Mark Henry's official site for more info.

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Tez Miller said...

*stamps foot, pouts* I want Battle of the Network Zombie! ;-)