Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Goonies, It, & Now Super 8

Sooo Mike and I just got home from seeing JJ Abrams's new movie, Super 8, and I thought it was fantastic. Mike said it was probably the first film he's been really impressed with this year, and I have to agree. Which is awesome because I was really afraid that after so many letdowns this year, Abrams might have joined the ranks. But no! He came through! Again! (Just one more step towards world domination on his part.)

And in thinking about it, I realize how much I really love kids as the narrators/protagonists in books and movies -- not to be confused with kids' movies, which yes, I'm aware The Goonies technically is. But it's one of my favorites. So I'm including it. No, kids as the driving force in adult fiction. It sort of makes it ok to go beyond the boundaries of the totally believable. And because it's told from a kid's point of view, everything becomes larger than life. Plus, they make the adults all look like they don't have a clue (cause they never do) and the kids have to save the day.

Having read It and Summer of Night and a lot of Doug Clegg's stuff, I'm sort of drawing a blank on other potential reads using this particular vehicle for storytelling (does that make sense, because I'm beat). Anyway, any ideas fellow readers? Sort of an, if you liked this, you should try this... suggestion? Others I can think of are Jeffrey Ford's The Shadow Year and Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Find me something I haven't read (and McCammon's Boy's Life is in the TBR, I believe).

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Vickie said...

Movie I can think of "Stand By Me" is one of my favorites where kids are the main characters.

I love love love 'The Goonies'!!

I'll have to think on the books with kids as the main storyteller. SUMMER OF NIGHT is the best example.