Monday, December 21, 2009

My Hero

Is there, or has there ever been, a more perfect hero than Doctor Who? I think not. At least not right now.

I'm fresh off watching the latest ep, Waters of Mars, and the countdown to David Tennant's last appearance in the role has truly started. This Saturday is the first of the two part finale before the new season begins, and we'll finally see the return of the master and the end of the current Doctor. A sad day to be sure.

I love David Tennant in this role. Love him. I think he was made for the part, and from what I've read, he has an innate understanding of the character thanks to years of watching the show.

Course I was in love with Christopher Eccleston as Doctor #9, too.

I trust that the folks in charge will have made a good decision in casting Matt Smith in the role. I mean the show is beloved by many and the wrong actor could be devastating.

So it's not with a light heart that I say goodbye, along with millions of other international viewers, to Doctor #10, but we do have two more episodes to go. Savor them. I know I will. But I'll welcome our #11 with open arms because he's still the Doctor and the Doctor is probably my favorite hero of all time.

Tune in Saturday, December 26 on BBC America for the first part of The End of Time, and I believe that part 2 is playing the following Saturday, Jan 2 (but don't hold me to that). As a side note, apparently we're getting a BBC show called Demons that begins that night. Haven't heard much about this one, however, and that could be because it seems to have ended in the UK.

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Vickie said...

Dr Who and all shows on BBC America are catch as catch can in my house, sadly.