Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it just me?

I've bumped some things up the TBR pile lately and ordered a few things with gift certificates, as you saw in yesterday's post, and I've noticed that three of my authors seem to be pretty good friends and ALL LIVE IN SEATTLE?! Seriously, is Starbucks doing something up there to create the urban fantasy mafia?

As I said in the Mark Henry post, I only realized after ordering Happy Hour of the Damned with the other Cherie Priest books that they both live in that rainy corner of Washington state, but then I was checking out Richelle Mead's site and saw that she's in Seattle as well. And Henry, Mead, Henry's wife, and Tor editor Heather Osborn just took a pretty interesting trip up to Forks that you can check out on their respective Twitter (or FB) accounts.

Now, I can't review Mead's titles just yet, because although she's been bumped up the TBR, I haven't had a chance to start Succubus Blues (she's also the author of the Dark Swan series and the Vampire Academy series, which I'm pretty sure the JJs have delved into), but I did recently order this one.

Actually, I was looking for this book for some time. Had a ton of credit at a bookstore thanks to some big purchases and earned points, and kept going in looking for Mead, and she was never in stock. So I finally gave up and ordered it last month.

Considering how much I've enjoyed both Priest and Henry so far, and considering they all have gotten the same big buzz and praise from my reading peers as well as their fellow authors, I'm sure she's going to rock! Maybe it's something in the water up there...

Anywho, Happy New Year's Eve! Here's to a great 2010 and to keeping New Year's resolutions! Don't know what mine will be yet, but I'm sure they'll be things that I should commit to this coming year.

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Vickie said...

I've been following the blogs of Richelled Mead, Mark Henry, Cherie Priest and all the other PNW peeps I love to read. It's so cool that they all are buds.