Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow, I'm Behind

I wish that I were better at keeping track of mass market releases for you guys. See, I'm an impatient reader and an impulse shopper. I buy in hardcover because I can't wait for the paperbacks. I know I'm an oddball in that sense. I'd rather spend my money on a $25 book than something else.

One of my faves from last year was released in mm in February, but I think if you haven't read it yet, it would be a great one for this summer. Be warned, if you take it on vacation, you may find yourself doing nothing but reading!

City of the Sun by David Levien, introduces readers to PI Frank Behr, a gritty investigator reminiscent of any one played by Bruce Willis. In fact, that's exactly how I see Behr -- as Brucey a la Last Boyscout.

I reviewed City, last February when it was released in hardcover, and now I get a crack at the sequel, Where the Dead Lay, due out on my b-day!

Here's the City of the Sun review I wrote for Bookbitch.com (its in the archives, check her site out, if you don't already, for GREAT new reviews each week, giveaways each month, and tons of other book stuff for book lovers):

United States statistics show that 2,300 people are reported missing every day. The first 24-72 hours of these cases are critical. Often, if the person is not recovered in that time period, they never will be. Jamie Gabriel is one of these people. He left this morning, just like every morning - picking up the papers for his route and riding off on his bike. Unlike every other morning, though, something happened to Jamie. A year later, his parents are ready to give up the search for their missing son. The police have no leads and have never made any progress on the case. In a last ditch effort, the couple hires PI Frank Behr. Behr initially refuses the case, but his guilt over the death of his own son compels him to try. Amazingly, he makes progress, but his investigation has stirred up a hornet’s nest of trouble. While both shocking and disturbing in subject matter, this thriller is wholly rewarding. I can imagine a grizzled Bruce Willis playing Behr in the movie.

Three of us reviewed it last year, including the BB herself. See for yourself why this one made my top ten of 2008!

This is a one-sitting read that's perfect for fans of Brian Freeman and Harlan Coben (fans of staying up all night with an edge-of-your-seat thriller, in other words).

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Cheryl said...

Ooh. I will have to purchase a copy of this book. This for the review