Monday, June 15, 2009

What We're Watching

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was dying to rewatch The Beach. Of course no one had it and it wasn't on OnDemand, so I ended up buying it. No big deal, I already have a bunch of Danny Boyle's films, and I like The Beach. I didn't want to pay shipping and I didn't have any books to order (any that I would let myself anyway), but I did happen to come across an ad for the latest season of Weeds.

Some of you might remember my little trip to NYC last summer while Mike was there working. We happened across a Best Buy and, since Mike had to spend lots of time indoors in front of the computer, we were looking for something to watch. He ended up buying all three seasons of Weeds (season 3 had just been released). We watched seasons 1 and 2 there in NY and 3 when he came home.

Now, I have kind of a weird sense of humor. I like funny, but only certain kinds of funny. This show, is HILARIOUS! It's an idea that's really taken off with the "premium" channels, too, seemingly average people in strange situations.

Weeds, if you didn't know, is a Showtime series about a suburban mom who sells pot. Mary-Louise Parker and her cast of strange family/friends/dealers are all fantastic. Parker is cute and innocent looking, which means she gets away with all the crazy stuff that happens. Elizabeth Perkins as Celia, is one of my favorite characters, for various reasons. Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk occasionally go places with their humor that I can't really handle, but you get the picture.

This season, Majestic/Agrestic is gone. I wondered how they would keep Perkins and Nealon and all the other townsfolk on the show with the fire that ended season 3, but never fear, they are here! I won't give anything away, except to tell you that the show is just as funny and twisted as ever. We're about halfway through the season (arrived Saturday night). I wish it was still the weekend so I wouldn't feel guilty about watching all day to finish.

Season 5 is already airing on Showtime, but I'm guessing it'll be another year exactly before we get to see it on dvd. Ah well, there's Dexter in August to look forward to!

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