Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's That Time Again

Time for another Rachel Vincent post! Yep, Prey, Rachel Vincent's latest, is set to hit shelves at the end of the month, and because it's a paperback you know it'll be out earlier than that in some places.

I actually read this one as soon as I got my review copy in. This is one series that the Junior Junkies will tear each other apart to get to. Seriously. They will nag the ever living crap out of me from the day that they know that I've received it until I finally send it over and then they fight (well really just one of them does) to make sure they get to it first. Usually, I wait until about a week before the book is out to read it; the reviews aren't posted until the weekend before the official release date, so there's not much point beating myself up to read it early. But I couldn't wait that long to read this one anyway. Not after the way Pride ended.

So, this one picks up nine months after the last one left off and Faythe is on her way to finally see Marc. He's supposed to help escort Faythe and the others through the free territories as they make their way to where Manx will have her own trial. First, they're attacked by a group of strays working together -- it's almost unheard of that these misfits would band together for anything, but they did. Then, Marc goes missing. Everyone fears the worst, but Faythe is sure that he is still alive. The question is how long he will stay that way. Meanwhile, the Prides themselves are gearing up for a battle against one another as Faythe's father continues to struggle to keep his position.

I've probably said it before, many time actually, but I can't get enough of these books. And you know what, I'm always just as antsy to get my hands on the latest one as my sisters are, so I can't really fault them. I love how the characters are developing and I'm so involved with their stories that I get frustrated and sad and excited right alongside them.

I'm not sure when the next book in the series will be released (my guess is sometime next year since this is the second one released this year and she's got a teen book hitting shelves in August).

Official release date on Prey is July 1, so keep your eye out for it and read the others in the meantime, if you haven't already (Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey).

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Shift is due to be published March 2010.