Friday, May 21, 2021

The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler

Good morning, readers! Today I'm a stop on the TLC blog tour for Jackie Kabler's The Perfect Couple

Gemma and and Danny have been married just under a year. They recently moved from London. Danny has started a new job. They're perfectly happy! 

Or so Gemma thought. 

After returning from an overnight trip, it appears that Danny has gone missing. He'd promised that he would be there when she got home. He also promised he'd cook dinner. It's not unheard of that his job in IT would require him to work late hours. But he doesn't come home Friday. Or Saturday. And so Gemma goes to the police. 

Unfortunately, Danny looks a little familiar to the cops. Because they have two dead bodies, both of whom look an awful lot like Danny. Fearing they have a serial killer on their hands, they know that they need to find Danny before it's too late. But there's something strange about Danny's case. Like the fact that there's almost no sign of him in Gemma's home. And the fact that Gemma herself is the only person who seems to have heard from Danny at all in recent weeks...

The Perfect Couple is a whirlwind of a read!

I think we've been somewhat conditioned now not to entirely trust a narrator, especially when the book is told in first person. And that is one of the things that makes this book so interesting!

We meet Gemma as she's returning home from an overnight trip to a spa. She's a journalist and she'd been tapped to review the new resort. It was just an overnight trip and she says she got an email from her husband just the night before. 

Email. Because he has no phone. Because his new job hasn't provided one for him just yet. So no one really has any reliable way to get in touch with him!

Meanwhile, there's a secondary storyline from the perspective of the police. 

They aren't initially interested in a missing husband. He's a grown man and there are all kinds of reasons he may have left. But when they see his picture, they immediately take note. Because they've already got two dead bodies on their hands!

So is Gemma a killer? The police certainly have concerns!

I loved that Kabler plays with the reader's minds in that way. Can we trust Gemma or not? I'm not going to tell!

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