Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Final Twist by Jeffrey Deaver

Good morning, readers! Today I'm a stop on the Random Things tour for Jeffrey Deaver's latest, The Final Twist!

Colter Shaw is on a mission. He was just sixteen when his father died. But in the decade plus since, he's become determined to uncover evidence against BlackBridge—making his father's one time mission his own. Course Colter believes that BlackBridge is responsible not only for decades of crimes, but for his own father's death and his brother's disappearance. 

It all began with a letter. A letter his father left years ago, leading Shaw on a hunt for other clues squirreled away by the man before his death. But as the clues take him from one location to another, Colter himself becomes an inevitable target. Until he gets help from the last person he expected.

It was my fault for not realizing this was the latest in a series. Oops!

The Final Twist apparently picks up immediately after the second book in the series, The Goodbye Man. And there's definitely some character development and back story that you should have in hand before diving into this third Colter Shaw title (book one is The Never Game).

Shaw is something of a private investigator. And he was raised in a family of survivalists. To put it in a very tongue-in-cheek way, he and his family all have a certain set of skills. 

And now he's putting his skills into resolving something that's been hanging over his family for some time. 

While I wish that I had started with book one, and would caution other readers to do so, I will say that this is the kind of book you expect from one of the masters of the genre. With his usual whiplash pacing, tight chapters, and cliffhangers that force you into that just-one-more-chapter mindset that keeps you up all night (a signature of Deaver's style), The Final Twist is sure to please longtime Deaver fans and fans of the series in general. 

The Final Twist is out now in both the UK and here in the States. 

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