Wednesday, May 12, 2021

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Poppy and Alex are opposites in every way. In spite of that fact, they've been close friends since freshman year orientation at college. And each year they take a summer trip together. 

It started out when they were both broke and couldn't afford grand trips. Poppy would blog about traveling on the cheap and they'd spend a few weeks each summer at a different location. But two years ago all of that changed. And Poppy and Alex haven't spoken since that last trip. 

These days Poppy works for R&R, a magazine that focuses on luxe travel. Which means Poppy gets all the perks on her trips. It also means her blog about traveling on a budget has fallen by the wayside. But Poppy realizes those trips were the last time she really remembers being happy. And so she sets about to see if the friendship can be repaired. To see if things can go back to the way they used to be. To see if she can be happy again. And it's going to be the week of Alex's brother's destination wedding in Los Angeles. 

Things start off rocky, but soon the two are in their usual mode. But the events of two years ago still loom large and Poppy isn't ready to face them. The question is, does she have to? Can they truly put it behind them? Because Poppy doesn't want to lose Alex. 

Emily Henry's latest is pure entertainment! A sweet and charming read that will sweep you away in a time when pretty much none of us are traveling. 

I loved People We Meet On Vacation, though I admit I didn't have the easiest start with it. This is a book that you really do want to just sink into for a long one-sitting reading binge and I spent my first day reading in bursts of just a couple of pages at a time. Boo!

But once I was able to really delve in and get lost in the book, I found I really was very invested in Poppy and Alex's friendship! I should note, I'm a total Alex in every way. I would be the person reading a book in a bar (and have been, quite often). I also want to hit every bookshop when I travel—it's a true highlight of a trip for me!

Poppy is bubbly and vivacious. Always ready for an adventure. The kind of person who really does make friends everywhere she goes. But she's holding on to so major insecurities. 

Alex, on the other hand, is a definite introvert who likes the comforts of home. But Alex, too, has some big insecurities. 

And it's the insecurities in both of them that bond them to one another and keep them both at arms' length from one another. 

Like I said, People We Meet On Vacation is sweet and charming! Not overly so, but just the right amount. I adored it and I think every single fan of Henry's Beach Read will as well. And if you're new to her work, trust me, you're going to absolutely love it! Just be sure to carve out a balmy afternoon with no obligations so you can enjoy it to the max!

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