Monday, February 19, 2018

Comic Review - Bingo Love

Diving into comics has been a bit of an eye opening experience for me. I've binge purchased a ton of them at this stage, all based on recommendations from people who have been reading them WAY longer than I have. And let's face it, I have a lot to catch up on!

Comics have turned out to be perfect reading as my agenting work gets busier and busier. When I'm in the midst of edits and putting together pitches and need to get away for a bit, but don't have time for a full novel, comics fit in perfectly alongside the shorts and novellas that have been my go to for short breaks.

And it was in one of these breaks that I discovered Bingo Love! Newly released from Image, this comic is about true love that stands the test of time!

It's 1963 when Hazel Johnson meets Mari McCray. She glimpses the new girl across the bingo hall, but doesn't meet her properly until she's introduced in class the next day - and she's instantly smitten! Hazel is elated when the two become fast friends, but she also realizes she wants more than just friendship with Mari. And when it turns out Mari feels the same, she couldn't be happier! Unfortunately the two are torn apart when Mari's grandmother catches them kissing.

Decades later, the Hazel and Mari meet again - over bingo - and find their love is still as strong as ever!

This story has all the feels! I mean ALL THE FEELS!

Hazel and Mari are teens in the 60s and well aware of the fact that the timing is not right for them. But the betrayal by each of their families when their love is discovered is way worse. And so - and these aren't spoilers - the two women go on with their lives without one another.

We get the story from Hazel's perspective - we begin with her in 2038 as she begins recounting her story, jumping back to February 1963 when she first catches sight of Mari and she takes readers all the way through to her present day.

And because this is a comic, I have to talk about the illustrations! I adored the illustrations in this one - they're gorgeous! And, paired with the writing, give readers the full extent of the characters' emotions as the story plays out.

Now, what I hadn't realized was that prior to being picked up by Image, Bing Love started as a graphic novella from Inclusive Press funded through Kickstarter last year. In October, it was announced that Image had picked it up and now that brand spanking new mass released edition is out too! So this is a double yay for the folks behind this sweet story! And according to the comic itself there's to be at least two more pieces to the Bingo Love story.

Bingo Love does stand alone as a full story. The extras promised within its pages are just that, welcome extras, including Hazel's husband's story.

Full credits for Bingo Love are:
Writer: Tee Franklin
Artist: Jenn St-Onge
Colorist: Joy San
Letterer: Cardinal Rae
Editor: Erica Schultz

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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Oh, this sounds like a good one. I’ve been dipping into graphic novels more, and I read my first comic recently, so I’ll be following any posts you write about them.