Monday, February 12, 2018

Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

Welcome back, everyone! Today is my second stop on the TLC blog tour for Margot Hunt's Best Friends Forever.

Alice and Kat have been friends ever since an opportune meeting in the airport. They were in New York - Kat after a trip to buy art for her gallery and Alice and her kids after a visit to her parents' - both flying back to Florida on a way delayed flight, and ended up sitting next to each other in the terminal. The chatted and commiserated with one another over martinis and that was that. But then Alice saw Kat drop her wallet at baggage claim, swooping it up and returning it to a thankful Kat. 

Three years later, they're as close as ever. 

But now Kat's husband is dead and the police are questioning Alice. Howard, Kat's husband, was drunk when he fell off their balcony. Alice thought it was a tragic accident, but the police are treating it like a homicide. And Kat's not returning her calls.

Hunt's debut is a fast and fun read that will make you wonder just how well you really know your friends!

From the start, we know Howard was a drunk. We know Kat was in London when he died. And we know Howard fell from the balcony. The police say they have a witness who claims otherwise, though, and Alice is the one they turn their eye to for answers.

Alice's marriage isn't what it used to be but she loves her family and her kids. Her friendship with Kat, though, gave her a chance to get away sometimes. Lunches with someone she could talk to about anything. And it seemed Kat felt the same.

But then why is Kat avoiding Alice? Why is Kat's family keeping Alice from seeing her? And why are the police harassing Alice in the first place?

Hunt does a great job building the suspense and teasing out details about the characters' lives. Kat and Alice seem so mundane when the story begins but as we get to know them, we understand they're hiding things.

As the story progresses, the timeline switches from present to past, bringing readers back three years to when Kat and Alice met. The past timeline progresses forward as the investigation does, and the two timelines weave together to bring us to the final pages. I loved the way the story played out, even when I did have my suspicions about what the eventual conclusion would be.

Best Friends Forever is a super quick read that was the perfect thing for a lazy weekend hiding out from the cold. Plus, it's set in Florida so I could almost imagine myself in that beachy setting alongside Alice and Kat. Or maybe peeking through their windows would be more appropriate :)

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Dianna said...

I'm really excited that I won a copy of Best Friends Forever through this tour. Looking forward to reading it!

Burma Turner said...

I can't wait to read this, it sounds so good!

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for being a part of the tour!