Thursday, February 22, 2018

In a Cottage In a Wood by Cass Green + a Giveaway

Neve has just about had it. She's been couch surfing at her sister's and knows her brother in law is at the end of his rope. She's also pretty sure her job is just about at its end too, especially considering they're prepping for a big buyout. She's pondering much of this as she makes her way home late one evening after a brief fling, when she comes across a woman on Waterloo Bridge. She looks cold and lost and Neve offers to help. But before she knows it, the woman jumps off the bridge.

A few weeks later, Neve discovers that the dead woman, Isabelle, has left her a cottage. It's all legal, according to Isabelle's lawyers, and, in spite of the circumstances, Neve thinks maybe it could be exactly what she needs to get her life straight. When she arrives, though, Neve realizes this cottage is definitely not a dream home or much-needed escape: There are bars on the windows and a dead bird in the kitchen, to start. Then Neve learns that Isabelle believed she was being watched. Given how things ended, Neve isn't sure what to believe, but she soon becomes convinced Isabelle may have been right!

Cass Green's latest is psychological suspense with great atmosphere.

Neve is immature and also a bit down on her luck. She and her boyfriend split, leaving Isabelle homeless and her bank account isn't any help in that matter. So she's staying with her sister's family. But Neve's penchant for late nights and hangovers doesn't really endear her to her sister's husband. Neve would have you believe he's unreasonable and overly stiff, but it doesn't take long for the reader to realize that Neve is a bit self absorbed.

And yet, she does take the time to try and help Isabelle. And she's rewarded for it. Sort of.

Neve, of course, imagines a cozy abode in the not so countryside - in other words, walking distance from anything she may need. Which isn't exactly the case. The cottage is gloomy and uninviting with metered electricity that requires regular topping off. Considering Neve has no mode of transportation and dwindling funds, neither bodes well for her. Plus, she stormed off in a huff without telling her sister that a. she's inherited a house and b. she's decided to take up residence there for a while.

So yeah, Neve's in the middle of nowhere with no car and barely any money. Oh, and no one knows she's there. Sounds like the start of a great adventure, right?

It is the start of a quick and fun read, whether you like Neve or not. The story draws you along easily and is, as mentioned, absolutely packed with atmosphere. In the end it turned out to be a bit of a lighter read that I'd expected based on the build, but one that I could easily see appealing to fans of both cozier leaning mysteries as well as darker thrillers.

I do have a copy to give away today. To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter before Monday, March 12. Open US only.

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Dianna said...

This sounds like my kind of book!

Dan K said...

Another giveaway. Yay!

Tiffany Inman said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the premise. Of course my brain is buzzing with what I could do with this story, but also in anticipation of what Cass Green has done with these characters in this situation. WOW what a charge! I don't think of what kind of read it is, I know what kind of read it is. :) I think, Hmmm I'd love to have a beer with this author and we could collaborate on some creeeeeeepy stuff.

Linda Romer said...

In a cottage in a Wood sounds like an exciting read. Thank you

Danielle H. said...

I enjoy mysteries and this one sounds perfect for me. I love the setting!

Suzy said...

Sounds suspenseful and a bit creepy. Count me in.