Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Uninvited by Liz Jensen

I'm whiling away my weekend reading -- inside where it's warm! And pre posting blog posts.

As with many book addicts, my TBR stack grows exponentially. It's the nature of the business so to speak. Every time I come across an author whose work I enjoy, that author inevitably ends up on the list of future watch fors. And so when I first heard that Liz Jensen had a new book due out, I immediately added it to my "Must Read" list. I truly enjoyed The Rapture when I read it back in 2009 and even though it's been a while, Jensen has never fallen off of my radar.

It begins with the investigation of an act of corporate sabotage. That's Hesketh Lock's job. He has a knack for recognizing patterns and the job is quite simply perfect for a man of his talents, or quirks as they may be. Hesketh has Aspberger's. But wait, that's not really where the story begins. It begins with a murder. A little girl wearing butterfly pajamas who kills her grandmother with a nail gun before turning it on her father and blinding him. Hesketh is intrigued by reports of the case and has just returned from China where he was sent to investigate a case involving illegal wood cutting and trading. A case that was revealed to authorities by an employee of the company behind the act. When Hesketh discovers who's responsible for the sabotage, the explanation is bizarre to say the least. Soon there's another similar instance, this time in Sweden. Hesketh's investigation leads him to believe that not only are the cases connected but that the increasing instances of child violence are part of the same phenomenon. 

As with The RaptureThe Uninvited pulled me in from the very first page. Some readers might find the story a bit slow to begin, but I found Hesketh to be an excellent narrator. His analyzing nature makes the narrative compelling and fascinating. The Uninvited is eerie and chilling and the pacing was perfect for my particular reading mood that day. In fact, I read The Uninvited in just one sitting.

The message behind The Uninvited is hard to miss. The way the tale unfolds and the reveal behind what's really going on aren't in any way awkward or forced, however. Overall it's a very easy and smooth read.

The Uninvited is a thriller with an apocalyptic twist. And one of the most creepy covers ever! An excellent read.

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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

I clicked through to read your review this morning because just last night I paid attention to the book across the counter from where I work, and it was this one. Creepy cover, to be sure, but when I read the first sentence on the flap about the little girl, the nail gun, and her grandmother, it made for a pretty compelling package. Thanks for the review.