Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Releases 1/27/13

Some of the new titles hitting shelves this week are:

The Ambassador's Daughter by Pam Jenoff

The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston

She Returns From War by Lee Collins

Tuf Voyaging by George R. R. Martin (reissue)

Proof of Guilt by Charles Todd

The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler

The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society by Darien Gee

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Speaking From Among the Bones by Alan Bradley

Into the Dark by Alison Gaylin

Insane City by Dave Barry

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

Prodigy by Marie Lu

Asunder by Jodi Meadows

The Prey by Andrew Fukuda

Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel

The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd

A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

Blaze by Laurie Boyle Crompton

New on DVD:
The Awakening
Seven Psychopaths
The Gold Light of Day
Hotel Transylvania

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