Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Aria and Perry are reunited after their months apart. Now, Aria has struck a deal with the same man who banished her from Reverie, promising to find the legendary Still Blue -- a portion of Earth that remains untouched by the violent Aether storms that have become the norm since the solar flare that devestated the atmosphere so many generations ago. The Pods are now plagued by Degenerative Limbic Syndrome, an illness Aria's own mother was studying before dying in the destruction of Bliss. What's more, the Pods are no longer safe from the Aether either. But Aria's presence amongst the Tides brings discord to the already troubled tribe and threatens Perry's position as Blood Lord.

This follow up to Under the Never Sky definitely delivered as far as moving the story ahead. It can be problematic finding a balance between world building, character development, and story progression -- especially, it seems, in a shorter YA title. After spending 2/3 of the first book traveling with Aria and Perry, I definitely wanted to see more in the action department and Through the Ever Night did not disappoint.

We also get more of other character's stories here as well. Aria and Perry still get center spotlight, but Roar is a huge part of this installment and we finally meet Liv as well. What's more, the story travels to yet another tribe, giving us another glimpse of more of the world around Aria and Perry.

The ending in Through the Ever Night is pretty killer. It's definitely one that leaves readers on the edge of their seats, which is another reason I found this installment a bit more exciting and overall satisfying than Under the Never Sky. Now I desperately want more!

Through the Ever Night hits shelves today!

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