Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Back!

So we made it back, safe and sound. We were lucky not to hit any snow on the way back... until Colorado Springs, that is. All of the sudden, the snow started blasting down and traffic slid to a virtual halt. It sucked. An hour and a half left in our twenty hour drive and we crawled at a pace that got us home about four hours later.

Did I mention it sucked?

Smart Becky cleaned out the fridge before we left, using up things like eggs and bread and other perishables. So now, as you can see from the view from my window above, the roads are covered in more snow than I'm comfortable driving in and we have a lack of anything resembling groceries in the house. Fun. Although, we do now have a ton of boudin and some fabulous steaks. Just not anything to eat with them.

Mike said he didn't want to drive for another week, but if we're going to have any New Year's Eve snacks and our traditional pork, cabbage, and black eyed peas tomorrow, he's going to have to take me to the store later today anyway.

So yes. I'm back. The kitties were a bit miffed, but well taken care of while we were gone. Sadie's glad to be back in her own house, but probably unhappy about the snow as well since she's been cooped up in a car for two days. I'm nursing another cold and already a bit homesick for the Junkies and the rest of my family : (

Christmas haul brought in a few books from my wishlist! New in the TBR:

The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg
Ancestor by Scott Sigler
Lady Lazarus by Michelle Lang
Dust by Joan Frances Turner
Silencing Sam by Julie Kramer

So New Year's Resolutions... peck away at the TBR stack, stay on top of reviews, and get back to better eating habits and regular yoga.

Have a Happy New Year, folks! Tomorrow it'll be 2011.

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