Friday, December 17, 2010

And Travel Book Number Three

Ah yes, book three. I finished Strout's book on Tuesday, Medeiros's book on Thursday (didn't read much on Wed since I was waiting for Top Chef to come on in Eastern time zone -- lots of channel surfing for a few hours there).

Pamela Callow's Damaged lasted me Friday through one flight on Sunday. I have to admit, it was a little tough to get into. I think I was just so tired by that point in the trip. Callow's debut introduces lawyer Kate Lange, who is returning in book two, Indefensible, later this month.

Kate Lange is on probation with her new firm. The position comes with a temporary period in which she must prove her value to the company if she wants to keep her job, kind of a tough prospect when one boss seems to hate her and the files coming her way don't extend past family court. One case in particular catches her attention though, a grandmother seeking custody of her granddaughter. Catch is, the girl's mom is a high powered judge and there's no evidence of any negligence that would warrant a custody dispute. When the girl turns up dead, however, Kate has to wonder if she could have done more.

My one complaint with this book, bearing in mind that I wasn't able to give it my all, was that there seemed to be so many elements. As a first in a series, introducing a character with a well rounded background, I think Damaged was pretty good. But I also think the series is going to get better as Callow is able to give readers more of Lange's history. The medical aspect of the case was really interesting, especially when I learned that it was based on an actual trial, but I think it could have been worked in a little more smoothly.

Overall a good debut, but as I said, a series I expect will get better with each new entry.

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