Monday, December 20, 2010

Best of 2010

Favorites are up over at Bookbitch.com! I have to say, 2010 (and it's not quite over just yet) has been a great reading year. It was so tough to narrow the list -- so far I've read 137 books in 2010 (vs 169 in 2009) -- I ended up with 15 instead of 10 titles, and could easily have added more.

My list is pretty zombie and apocalypse heavy this year as well. Not surprising since it's been a good year for the apocalypse!

You can see just how different our reading tastes are over there as well. None of the titles are duplicated. In the four years I've been contributing reviews to the site, I think there's usually a little bit of overlap, but not so this year.

So check it out and add to your own TBR lists. I know I am! Oh, and if you're curious, my list is purely in order of books read, not in order of preference.

Also, this year is the first time I've joined one of the many, many online challenges. Jackie at Literary Escapism hosts an annual New Author Challenge, and you can sign up for 15, 25, or 50 new to you authors. I signed up for just 15 and easily reached the goal. In fact, I'm at 41 right now (and these are just the new to me authors that I posted on my blog. My list is probably much longer than that in actuality.) It's been fun to track them, though, and to see what everyone else is reading.

So we're in the home stretch of the year, with just under two weeks to go before 2011 hits us. Here's to a fabulous new reading year next year! I'm going tackle the TBR and see what I can knock out before New Year's!

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