Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When to Catch Up?

I find myself in a position where I feel like things are sort of beginning to pile up. Sleep is partially to blame. Or lack there of, to be exact. I've been on Ambien for the past eleven months and lately it's beginning to not work quite as well. So I'm entering a sleep study. Entering. Not entering. It's an overnight visit hooked up to machines where I sleep in a fake hotel room.

We'll see what turns up.

I'm running on fumes, not for the first time in the life of this blog. I'm sure you readers can recall at least a dozen times in which I stated the same thing.

I've also come to realize that though I'm great at finding debut stuff (and new to me authors), I've been neglecting some of my favorite series. Is this simply a change in reading taste? I hope not. I mean, for years these have been some of my favorite series and all of the sudden, I'm lagging. I'm two three books behind with new ones set for release any day. Agh!

But when do I squeeze them in? I go through cycles in reading and times like this, when I'm just totally beat, I read less during the week than I would like. For example, I'm not yet done with my second book this week.

So again, when do I find time? Not just for reading, but for everything? Bums me out, man!

One of the series I've fallen behind (big time) on is Lee Child's Reacher series. I mean, c'mon! It's Reacher! And I'm becoming consumed with finding time to get back on track. Part of that is my near-obsession with the idea that Max Beesley of BBC's Survivors is Reacher. I mean Reacher as I've come to imagine him. (If you haven't seen Beesley in Survivors, it's due out on DVD next week -- check it out.)

Who else am I neglecting? Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs, and now Kathryn Dance. I'm one book behind in each of Jeffery Deaver's series and haven't had a chance to read his latest stand alone either.

Temperance Brennan has been feeling it, too. I'm two books off with Kathy Reichs and even a season behind on the show.

Perhaps worst of all is my neglect of Stephanie Plum. Janet E's Lean Mean Thirteen has been languishing on my TBR for far too long. This is practically blasphemy! And these are pretty solid one-day reads, too. Shame on me!

The way I figure it, a week of Sundays will get me solidly caught up. Until that happens, maybe I can use my insomniac nights to get in some of this reading. Course by now I'm pretty delirious in the middle of the night, so I doubt that's truly practical right now either.


Vickie said...

I heartily concur that Max Beesley would be a perfect Reacher. I love that show. I will be getting it on DVD and have to turn a friend onto it, too.

I hope the sleep study can find answers for you. My DH had to switch from Ambien to Lunesta.

I have given up on some of the series I used to read when I tired of the characters or the writing. And then there are the ones I just have waiting like Jack Reacher or Anna Strong when I find the new authors or series. I know Jack and Anna will wait patiently for me to get over this fancy of mine.

Becky LeJeune said...

My doc did say we could try Lunesta. I'll have to see what happens on Mon and then decide. The Ambien was working really well until about two months ago.

And I'm so glad I'm not alone on the Max Beesley thing! Agh! He's my favorite character on the show.

Anna Strong can't quite be considered on my neglected list just yet since I only read the first one in December. There are a couple of other new ones that will join the list with her soon if I don't get to reading, though.