Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Concert, Fail.

Scroll, through. If you can make it through my whining today, there's book stuff at the end. I promise.

So the concert was postponed until October due to weather. Apparently the bands' buses were stuck due to snow at Vail Pass. I hate snow. Have I mentioned that enough yet?

Needless to say I am a bit bummed. More than a bit, actually. I bought my tickets in November (I think it was November) and now have to wait until October. And have to figure out how to trade in my tickets, because ticketholders do not automatically get new tickets. We have to actually go through the process of trading them in.

I want to go back to bed. In fact, if I could go back to Sunday and start this week over, that might be nice.

It is Wednesday after all, though. Two more days to go until another weekend. It's just starting to feel like a neverending cycle. Especially when the only break in the monotony are events like last night's cancelled concert. I mean really, I have the new Lost episode to look forward to. I look forward to every Friday and then spend Sunday miserable because another Monday is rolling around. Like I said, neverending cycle. Cycle of doom. I'm ready for a vacation!

Here's a treat for any of you in the same boat as me, it's the trailer for the new edition of Doug Clegg's Neverland. This one was originally released in 1991, but is being rereleased with sketches by the fabulous Glenn Chadbourne (who also illustrated the latest edition of Isis, also from Vanguard).

I'd read this one years ago and am rereading now to review for the BB. I'll have more Neverland fun to come soon. Neverland is due out on April 13.

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Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Ugh! I'm sorry to hear about the concert! Yay for a "new" Clegg book, though! My review copy arrived yesterday and I'm excited to start it!