Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Readers Get Together

It's the funniest thing when readers get together. And no, I'm not talking about book clubs.

I'm a total book junkie. In a post on Murder She Writes this morning, that was exactly the topic of discussion: Bookaholics. One of Jennifer Lyons's clues that you might share this addiction is whether you can meet your friends for lunch and not talk about books.

I have a lot of reading peers. I'm not sure any of the local ones are as addicted as I am, but I certainly have no shortage of folks I can talk books with. And I have a hard time, a really hard time, not talking books.

It's always funny to meet a new bookaholic, though. Our friend had a friend visiting from out of town, so we all got together at their house for dinner one evening. Three of us ended up in the kitchen talking about books when the topic of romance came up. The girl mentioned a funny romance that she'd read recently, but couldn't remember the author's name. After talking a bit, we discovered that I had recently read the same book! Of course our other friend then had to check it out herself. What was it? Rachel Gibson's Not Another Bad Date.

Small world.

And that reminds me, Avon's Romance Blog is running a "Here's to Hockey Hunks" sweepstakes to go along with Gibson's most recent release Nothing But Trouble. For details on how to enter, check here.


WonderBunny said...

I always end up talking books with people. I can talk books, rocks and jewelry with passion and how many people really want to talk about rocks? No many is the answer. So I end up talking books with people. I think I've given both of my future mother in laws (mom and step mom) books or ideas on books to read. But I love books so it works out well. I also talk books with family and friends. I ended up with two book gift cards, money for books and a book for my birthday a few months ago so I might just talk bout books too much! :P

Vickie said...

Hello, my name is Vickie and I am a bookaholic....

I am drawn, whether knowingly or not, to other book peeps. There are a few at work, in the blogging world, on WeightWatchers online message boards. The ones at work aren't as avid as I am, but the ones in the blogging world and the message boards are close if not equal or more so.

I love the small world that is the book peeps.