Thursday, July 3, 2008

My First Official Summer Flick

I'm a big movie buff. In good month, I will probably see at least one flick at the theaters each week. Lately, though, it seems like pickings have been slim. Nevermind the fact that I've had way too much going on to go to any movie lately anyway. 

Adding to my recent dry spell is the fact that my other wants to see most of the films that I do and so I have to wait until it's convenient for both of us to go before I can see it. I have no problem seeing movies all by my lonesome and would probably have seen all of the movies on my list by now if not for being slowed down.

Anyway, I was in a particularly bad mood yesterday and decided that I was in need of some celluloid comfort. I was actually heading over to see Wanted with my uber-crush James McAvoy, but called the other so that he would have some input. Basically the only thing that I could have gone to see without him was The Happening. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed the boat on that one 'cause it's only got limited showings now.

Since he made me miss the beginning of Wanted anyway, I bought tickets for Get Smart.

Overall, the film was cute and funny. It seemed as though most of the movie was already shown in the previews, though, something that has plagued many a film lately. Steve Carrell was great and despite what some elder fans of the show have said, I thought Anne Hathaway played her part very well. 

Now, I've seen old episodes of the show, but it's been ages. I can't tell you how the two really stack up. In the midst of all of the tv show remakes that are heading to the big screen, I thought Get Smart was one of the better ones. 

I guess I'll have to channel my inner Izzy Spellman (referring to the Get Smart obsessed main character in the hilarious Lisa Lutz titles - must reads for everyone!) and watch some of the original episodes.

My movie plans for this month need a great boost. I'm super excited about Hellboy II, X-Files 2, and The Dark Knight. Rumor has it that Barker's Midnight Meat Train may finally hit the big screen on August 1st. If that's actually the case, you'd better believe I'll be there! Course we'll also be seeing Hancock and Wall-E but Wanted tops my list as the next movie to see. 

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Cheryl said...

I want to see some of the same movies. Movie going is a great way to stay cool this summer (of course after reading) LOL