Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Started!

If you aren't familiar with Jason Pinter, here's your chance. Hit the link in the right corner of this page and you can read ALL of Jason's debut, The Mark, for FREE! Trust me, it's wonderful. His latest, The Stolen, is due out on July 29 (the teaser chapter in the back of Jason's second book, The Guilty, had me waiting in crazy anticipation!). I'll be posting something about The Stolen here within the next few days and will be reviewing it for bookbitch.com this weekend.

Oh, and here's my review of The Mark from the BB archives:

Rookie reporter Henry Parker has landed his dream job with the New York Gazette. His first assignments, minor obituaries, have left him yearning for something a bit more exciting. When his mentor, Jack O’Donnell asks for help on one of his own stories, Henry is happy to oblige. O’Donnell is working on an article about rehabilitated criminals and Henry is sent to do one simple interview with a Luis Guzman. Something about Guzman and his wife concerns Henry though and he decides to follow up to find out why. On returning to the apartment, Henry finds that the Guzman and his wife have been tied up and brutally beaten. He defends the two and ends up killing their attacker in the process. Confused and scared, Henry leaves the scene only to find that he is now being accused of murdering a police officer. Henry must find out the truth behind the Guzman attack and clear his own name before the authorities, or worse, find him. Pinter’s thrilling debut promises to be a hit with readers this summer. This is definitely one that will have you hooked until the very last page.


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