Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pre Pub Book Buzz: Poppet by Mo Hayder

I'm bringing back Pre Pub Book Buzz -- or Books I'm Stoked About -- Saturdays! Why? Because there are always a ton of upcoming releases I can't wait to read and Saturdays are kind of a free day to do promote those.

There are some massively exciting books coming out soon and Mo Hayder's latest is one of them. I put Hayder right up there on my list with Stephen King. I'm not kidding. She's dark and creepy and intense and, like King, I can't get enough of her work. 

Poppet is the latest in the Jack Caffery series and is due out March 28 in the UK and (happy, happy, happy dance we don't have to wait that long) April 30 from Grove/Atlantic here in the States!

Here's the description from the publisher's page:

Mo Hayder has for years been a master of chilling, seamlessly plotted thrillers that keep the reader glued to the page long after lights out, and fresh off of winning the Edgar Award for Best Novel for Gone, Hayder is at the top of her game. Her latest novel, Poppet, is Hayder at her most terrifying: it’s a gripping novel about the search for a dangerous mental patient on the loose.

Everything goes according to procedure when a patient, Isaac, is released into the community from a high-security mental health ward. But when the staff realizes that he was connected to a series of unexplained episodes of selfharm among the ward’s patients, and furthermore that he was released in error, they call on Detective Jack Caffery to investigate, and to track Isaac down before he can kill again. Will the terrifying little effigies Isaac made explain the incidents around the ward, or provide the clue Caffery needs to predict what he’s got planned?.

Mo Hayder is renowned for conjuring nightmares that sink under the skin, and in Poppet she has delivered a taut, unbearably suspenseful novel that will not let readers go.

Hayder is not for everyone, but if you like your thrillers dark as dark can be then I definitely recommend checking her out. Here's the series list in order:

Ritual (this one begins the Walking Man Series, part of the Jack Caffery series)

And she's got the following stand alones as well: The Devil of Nanking (aka Tokyo and my absolute favorite of her titles), Pig Island, and Hanging Hill

In my blogging history I have not done posts for all of the Hayder titles, though I have read them all. You can find reviews for all of the books (except Devil of Nanking - that one I have done here on the blog) in the Bookbitch.com alphabetical archives. 


Tez Miller said...

PIG ISLAND is my favourite :-)

Ellie Warren said...

I'm hoping to get round to my copy this week, can't wait to pick up where it left off.

Jennifer | Book Den said...

I have never read Mo Hayder. I need to remedy that ASAP.

Becky LeJeune said...

Jennifer, I can't believe you haven't read her yet! Definitely remedy it, soon :)

I'm jealous, Ellie!

Tez, DEVIL OF NANKING was my first by her. It hooked me and made me a fan so it'll always be my fave!

Tez Miller said...

TOKYO was my first, too. Karin Slaughter recommended it in her newsletter, and I figured if it was good enough for KS, it was good enough for me. And it was!

PIG ISLAND worked best for me because I love creepy communes. And the sheer WTFery of the whole thing ;-)