Monday, May 25, 2009

Morning All

Hope some of you get to enjoy a day off on this holiday. 

Our weather here has me totally drained. I loved rainy, yucky, dreary days, and can definitely handle multiple, but this gray,, no rain until 6pm and then it only lasts 5 minutes, is kind of lame. 

So obviously I've taken a few days off. First, I had my training session on Thursday and came home totally beat up. I really didn't want to move again until yesterday (Sunday). I gave myself two days of recovery from the gym when I should have gone and worked out both days. Instead I took 4.5 mile walks with my neighbor. Walked again yesterday and then hit the gym for the routine and I can now safely say that I don't feel as though my rubberband legs are going to snap and fall off. 

I'm finding that since I'm sleeping at night, I'm falling asleep much earlier at night. Nice that I'm sleeping but I seem to be losing some reading time. Hm, some time management is in order. Too bad I can't cut work time to make up for it. 

Anyway, saw some movies and have a new release post to put up and have been reading some grand books I need to tell you about. I'll get going on that then. Right now. 

Also, in the next week I have some info from some authors who are running contests and we're going to be moving so I'll probably have some giveaways of my own again. 

Thanks for being patience and I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Icedream said...

I can't wait to read about your books but it's good you are getting decent sleep. Excersize would most likely help me to sleep better too (uugghh).

Vickie said...

Oooooo! You had me at book giveaways.....
Yay for sleeping better, but sorry you are missing out on some reading time. I have to get mine with my commute for work, reading on the bike, reading before I go to sleep and when I wake. And I hope for a long wait at the doctor's office or in line at the grocery.....
We had a heckuva workout on our patio project. 3 tons of sand and 1600 bricks to be moved and put in place for two brick patios. Started Saturday morning and finished this morning just before lunch.

Becky LeJeune said...

I feel you there, Vickie! I read a good quarter of a book at my last doctor's visit.