Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christie Craig is Gonna Get You!

I first heard about Christie Craig in Toni McGee Causey's Murderati post here. Wait, that's not entirely true. As a total book junkie, it's not often that I come across someone who is completely and utterly unfamiliar to me. So yes, I first READ about here there, but I had seen her covers occasionally. (GUILT)

I know, I know, I can't possibly read every single fabulous author out there, but a junkie can try, right? Anyway, Toni McGee Causey is one of my faves (and she's from my home state, we gotta stick together) so of course I'm going to take her advice, along with every other author I like, when they tell me to try a new book. 

Christie Craig is one of the contributing authors to the Killer Fiction blog, something I discovered a few weeks ago, though I can't remember exactly how. Every single one of these ladies belongs on a big, fat summer beach-read table, in my opinion. I now own at least one book by each of them (I am not kidding). 

Anyway, luck has it that I got my grubby little hands on a copy of Craig's upcoming release (June 1, or earlier) Gotcha!, a lighthearted and candy-coated mystery/romance/comedy that I just couldn't put down. 

The book is about Houston gal Macy Tucker, who's experienced one disappointment after another when it comes to men. So she's sworn them off. But nothing can stop her from falling totally head over heels for detective Jake Baldwin when fate throws them together. Macy's younger brother has been serving out a sentence for an accidental robbery when he "meets" and steals a fellow inmate's girl. The inmate, a nasty character called Tanks, swears revenge, not only on the younger Tucker and his gal, but on Macy and the rest of her family as well. A jailbreak leads to Baldwin's involvement and Macy ends up under a multi-purpose surveillance. And as hard as she tries to resist the detective's charms, when he ends up coming to her rescue she starts to realize that resisting is pretty pointless. 

Gotcha! has all the elements of a perfect lay-in-the-sun, forget-all-your-worries read. It's fun and funny and hooks you from the very beginning, which, I understand, is pretty par for the course with Craig's books, all of which fall into the funny mystery category (or so it seems). 

Craig's other titles include:
Divorced, Desperate and Delicious
Divorced, Desperate and Dating
Weddings Can Be Murder
and the upcoming Divorced, Desperate and Deceived

Readers looking for something light and sweet to read this summer will love Gotcha!. I'll keep you posted as I read the other authors from Killer Fiction (Leslie Langtry, Kathleen Bacus, Gemma Halliday, and Jana DeLeon). Also, I have some Toni McGee Causey news coming up as well!

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Wendy said...

Great review! Never heard of this author, but I'm going to go looking!! :) Sounds definitely like something I would enjoy.