Monday, January 10, 2022

Shiver by Allie Reynolds

In 1998, Milla dreamed of being an olympic snowboarder. But all of that ended in an unspeakable tragedy!

Present day: Milla and four others have been invited to a bit of a reunion at La Rocher, the resort where they all first met. The invite comes just days after one of their own has been declared officially dead after the accident that happened so many years ago. 

What should be a fun weekend snowboarding and enjoying an otherwise empty resort starts to go wrong almost immediately. There's no staff. No one at all. Which means there's no way off the mountain unless they can call for help. Which they can't because someone has stolen their phones. It quickly becomes clear that someone is messing with them. Someone who wants to truth about what happened back in '98. Someone who's willing to go to extremes to get the answers they're looking for. 

There's something so utterly appealing about snowed-in reads! I should know—I've been binging them almost non stop lately!

When we meet Milla she's in her mid thirties and is pretty aimless. It seems after her hopes of becoming a big snowboarding star burned out, she never really decided what to do. 

And though she has reservations about seeing all of her old friends again, she's looking forward to getting back on her board and spending time with them. 

Or at least some of them. 

We start to find out what's behind those reservations as the story progresses. Chapters alternate between 1998—rivalries, love interests, and more—and present day as the group tries to figure out who has it in for them, why, and how they're going to survive. 

There's a great air of authenticity to this thanks in no small part to the fact that Allie Reynolds was a freestyle snowboarder herself. One would imagine that she never endured quite the level of competitiveness that takes part in Shiver, but I'd imagine she has some pretty outrageous true stories to tell!

I thought this was such a fun read! Trying to untangle the mystery wasn't hard, but it was super entertaining, especially as the snow finally started falling here in Colorado. Even with hot chocolate and cozy blankets to keep myself warm, Reynolds succeeded in transporting me to that off-season resort and the intense unsettling feeling of danger lurking outside!

Shiver is out now in paperback! Her next book, The Swell, is due out this summer in the States!

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