Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Demon by Matt Wesolowski

Happy Wednesday, readers! Today I'm a stop on the Random Things Tour for Matt Wesolowski's latest Six  Stories installment, Demon

For his latest subject, podcaster Scott King turns his eye to the 1995 murder of Sidney Parsons. The two boys accused of the crime, dubbed the "Demonic Duo" were just young boys themselves when they pled guilty to the crime. 

They were released after serving 10 years and a request was granted to keep their identities anonymous. And so, upon release, both boys were given new names. 

So why is Scott King looking into the case now? 

Well first, there's the public speculation and attention that still lingers today. Second, there are the strange circumstances surrounding the murder itself. And third, an unidentified body has been discovered recently in the idyllic town where the crime took place. The man who has been thought to have killed himself, chose the abandoned kilns as the site of his death. A site that's tied to the original case. 

I know podcasts are a popular subject and format for fiction these days, but I think what Matt Wesolowski is doing with his Six Stories series is truly unique!

This latest in the series finds the seasoned podcaster featuring a child killing from the 90s. The two accused served their time and were released with new, confidential identities. But the case draws new attention when the body of an unidentified man is discovered in the town where the murder took place. But as the story unfolds, things get really weird. And Scott King himself becomes drawn into the drama surrounding the case!

As usual, the story is broken down into six interviews from different perspectives and supporting ephemera. And, as usual, the story straddles both crime and horror, making it absolutely perfect reading for fans of both genres!

Wesolowski has a penchant for drawing dark and enthralling tales through his format and Demon is no exception. And when I say dark, I do mean dark! Like it's predecessor in the series, Deity, this one touches on some really disturbing issues because it concerns kids. And it concerns the very public fallout that surrounds cases like this! 

Readers, if you haven't dipped into Wesolowski's work yet, do it now! This series is an absolute must for any crime fiction and/or horror fan. And best of all, you can dive straight in with Demon. It works great as a standalone and makes a perfect starting point if you're new to the series as a whole!

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