Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie & Alyssa Sheinmel

I have to start this review by pointing out that I had no prior knowledge of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl YouTube show. None. But when I came across a new YA horror release about a girl who sees ghosts... well, yeah I wanted to read it. And I did immediately look into the show, but I was curious to see if the book could stand on its own even for folks like me who hadn't watched before reading. The good news - great news - is that it most definitely does!

Sixteen-year-old Sunshine and her mother have just relocated to Ridgemont from Austin and the teen is none too pleased about the move. She's left behind her home, her best friend, and the warmer climes of Texas for wet and muggy Washington state - you wouldn't be jazzed either. Sunshine is determined to make the best of it, though, even when the house they're renting turns out to be creepy as all get out and haunted to boot! But Sunshine's mother isn't having it. In fact, the longer they're there, the more obstinate her mother becomes until Sunshine realizes that there's something else going on. 

With her one and only Ridgemont friend by her side, Sunshine soon learns exactly why she's so attuned to the spirit(s) sharing her new abode AND why her mother is apparently oblivious. 

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is the start of a new series with a pretty cool premise. It does apparently follow some of the show set up (just based on what I've read) but, as I mentioned above, doesn't rely on the reader being familiar with the show at all. 

The chills are pretty great and become more intense as the book progresses, though this is definitely on the lighter side of horror. And there's no fizzle! What's more, the authors inject just the right amount of comic relief with Sunshine's sunny (read sarcastic) disposition. But best of all, I found the explanation about Sunshine's seeing ghosts to be fabulously fun and a great set up for a series! 

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl was a one-sitting read for sure, and one I definitely recommend if you're into haunted house tales. I'll definitely be looking forward to reading more!

Rating: 4/5

I'm counting this towards my sadly behind 2015 Debut Author Challenge. Sheinmel does have previous releases but McKenzie does not - somewhat counts as a debut in my opinion.

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Hi - I don't read very much in the way of paranormal, and I definitely don't read horror, but this sounds like it's on the lighter side of both. It actually sounds very interesting. Thanks for the review!
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