Friday, March 6, 2015

Short Fiction Friday: Photoplay by Hallie Ephron

Later this month we'll see the release of Hallie Ephron's latest thriller, Night Night, Sleep Tight. But before it hits shelves, readers can check out Ephron's latest, the e short "Photoplay," out now from Harper's Witness Impulse imprint.

Duane Foley isn't one to turn down a cushy job. As a photographer, much of his day is spent tracking down Hollywood's most glamorous in hopes that he'll catch something worth selling, so being hired to shoot Bunny Nichol's party means a guaranteed - and easy - pay day. But behind all the glitz and the glam, Bunny Nichols's life is anything but perfect, something Duane learns in his short time at the star's home. And when the party turns ugly, Duane is there to get it all on film. 

"Photoplay" offers readers just a little taste of what's to come in Night Night, Sleep Tight. It's a prologue of sorts, the story behind the story that will later play a larger role in the novel. This is necessary to point out as the short by itself likely won't accomplish much other than frustrating the reader! But it is a great and enticing little read, one that will most definitely leave you wanting more.

Hm, a somewhat sleazy photographer (papparazi) and a starlet with secrets, sounds like a good set up to me. Of course that's just part of the story. I don't want to give anything away, but a quick look see at the synopsis of Night Night, Sleep Tight does reveal exactly what part of the story "Photoplay" pertains to.

Night Night, Sleep Tight hits shelves March 24. "Photoplay" is out now and includes an excerpt of the upcoming novel as well.

Rating: 4/5

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Kay said...

I picked this one up this morning. Love the whole vintage Hollywood vibe of both this story and the book to come. In some ways, this sounds like the Lana Turner affair.