Monday, March 9, 2015

Lacy Eye by Jessica Treadway + a Giveaway

Good morning, everyone! Jessica Treadway's latest is set to hit shelves tomorrow and as part of a launch week blitz the publisher has graciously offered up a copy for a giveaway. Be sure to read through to the end to enter.

It's been three years since Hanna and Joe were attacked. Hanna survived, suffering permanent damage to her face and head. Joe died before the paramedics arrived. 

It was the day after Thanksgiving and Hanna's youngest daughter, Dawn, had been visiting with her boyfriend, Rud Petty. After the house was burgled - with Rud being the police's main suspect - the couple left in a huff. Later that night, someone broke in and bludgeoned Joe and Hanna with a croquet mallet. 

Given the circumstances, Rud was always the primary suspect in the attack and a jury agreed wholeheartedly. But now Rud has won an appeal and is set for retrial. Hanna knows it would be best if she could testify, but she can't remember the events of that night. One thing she does know, in spite of the suspicion of those around her, there's no way Dawn had anything to do with it.

Lacy Eye is a powerful read. When we meet Hanna, she's vowed to try and remember anything she can to ensure that Rud will remain behind bars. But her efforts seem futile given the fact that so much time has passed and she's never once had an inkling of memory about that night. And yet, the prospect of Rud going free is one no one wants to face.

Her eldest daughter, Iris, believes that Dawn had to be involved. Her neighbors believe that Dawn had to be involved. And both the prosecutor and the police believe that Dawn had to be involved. But Hanna is certain, based on her relationship with her daughter, that there's no way that can be. And Dawn has essentially been cleared by a grand jury. But when Dawn comes home, in the wake of the announcement about the retrial, it seems no one but Hanna is willing to see her as anything other than a potential accomplice.

Throughout the book the reader is given more and more of a look into Hanna's life, from her childhood to meeting Joe through to raising both of her girls and the attack itself. Not only does it give readers great insight into Hanna as a character, but it also gives us a chance to piece together the clues about the night of the attack as Hanna herself analyzes those events as she considers whether or not her own daughter could have been behind such a shocking crime.

Rating: 4/5

You can check out a free e sample of the book (here's the BN link).

And now for the giveaway: to enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter below before Monday, March 23. US only and no PO boxes please.

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This sounds quite chilling. It's not my usual type of read, but you make a compelling case for it!

JJT said...

Sounds great to me!

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Might need to bump this up in my TBR pile.

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This sounds very intriguing. I would love to read it.

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I'm really interested in this one. Sounds like a good twisty books. You are filling up my list quickly. LOL

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It sounds like a powerful and interesting mystery that I would love to read. Thanks for having the giveaway.