Thursday, January 1, 2015

Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez

Lieutenant Lucie Hennebelle never expected to hear from Ludovic Sénéchal after they called it quits. But when the man is suddenly struck blind after watching a strange film reel, Lucie is the one he calls for help. Ludovic's blindness is said to be completely psychological but Lucie is still curious about this mysterious film - and she's not the only one. It seems Ludovic's house has been ransacked in the wake of his hospitalization and Lucie believes the film is what they were hunting. 

Chief Inspector Franck Sharko has been working to face down his own demons, but that hasn't kept him from doing his job. His latest assignment is definitely an odd one: five mutilated bodies unearthed at a work site in northern France. When it's discovered that a similar crime took place in Cairo years earlier, the beleaguered detective is forced to travel there in search of more clues. But not before Hennebelle receives a call tying the two cases together. Now, they must combine forces to find a killer whose methods and motives are more complex and twisted than anything either of them has ever seen. 

Guys! How on Earth did this book escape my notice?! I only just discovered Thilliez thanks to the good bloggers over at Read Me Deadly. It sounded right up my alley and with a sequel due out quite shortly it was something I needed to lay my hands on super quick (says my book junkie self)! And oh, did it hit the spot!

Syndrome E is dark and fascinating. In addition to experimental filmmaking, it ties in a quite twisted piece of history as well, one that I won't reveal but I will say it's one that I knew very little about but definitely intend to explore more (amazingly I just received another ARC that ties into the same subject - weird). 

Sharko is a particularly interesting character and I have to admit I'm really curious how his story will continue to develop in the upcoming Bred To Kill given all that happens to him in Syndrome E. I'm interested in continuing Hennebelle's story too, of course, but Sharko has so many issues and quirks that I just can't get him out of my head! 

Honestly this is a tough one to put much about in writing given so much of what I liked about it was what I didn't know at the start. I can say that book puts forth some truly intriguing ideas - intriguing and creepy as hell. 

Rating: 5/5

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