Friday, December 26, 2014

Short Fiction Friday: A Lunar Chronicles Edition

I'm working on catching up on a few series that I've been reading and one of those is Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. After devouring Cinder in just a couple of hours, I was pretty keen to lay my hands on the next book and yet two books later I still hadn't read it! Shame, shame on me. This Christmas holiday break has given me a chance to do a LOT of reading, though, and that at least has been remedied. And now it's time to break before reading Cress and take on two of Meyer's shorts: "Glitches" and "The Queen's Army."

Orphaned and pieced back together in the wake of a terrible accident, Cinder finds herself with a second chance in New Beijing. Linh Garan, his wife - Adri, and his two daughters, Peony and Pearl, are to become Cinder's new family. But as Cinder tries to fit into her new home, tragedy strikes the Linh family changing everything. 

Rating: 5/5

Twelve-year-old Ze'ev knew they would come for him. The queen's thaumaturges were guaranteed to seek him out for the queen's service and sure enough, they've finally come. But even though it's considered an honor to serve, Z doesn't want to join this new army. And serving in this army means more than just fighting, it means giving yourself over to an array of "improvements" that will take Z further and further from the boy he was into a creature fit to do the bidding of a queen whose goal is literal world domination. 

Rating: 5/5

If you haven't read either of these, they are available online. "Glitches" is a prequel to Cinder while "The Queen's Army" is set prior to Scarlet, though as one review has pointed out, it's probably best not to read it until after you've read Scarlet as it does give away a little bit of the story.

Despite the fact that I've clearly taken way too long to continue this series, it is definitely one of my favorites. The world building is fabulous and the premise is completely enchanting!

Of course by now there's a fourth installment due out. Fairest, which will be Levana's story, hits shelves January 27.

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