Monday, December 29, 2014

Game by Barry Lyga

William Cornelius Dent has escaped prison and his son, Jazz, is afraid he might have played a pivotal role in the plan. But before he can focus too much on that, Jazz is approached by New York City authorities who want his help in catching another serial killer. Hat-Dog's MO and signature are all over the place. His victims aren't connected and run the gamut in age, race, and sex. And while Billy Dent himself was known for changing it up as he went along, there's no way he can be the killer this time around as the murders started while he was still very much behind bars. Jazz knows he can help, but this time he's not so sure he should get involved.

Soooo Lyga drops a big ol' bomb at the end of this second installment. It's a revelation that almost overshadows the rest of the book! I'll hold my tongue, though, at least until I read and post on Blood of My Blood.

This series is so dark and twisty and good! Really, really good! And Lyga has carefully set up clues throughout that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. I can't even try to figure them out, I have no clue at all where this train is headed I just know I'm along for the ride.

Jazz continues to fight what he thinks may be his dark destiny. It doesn't help that his pops is out again and in his ear teasing him about potentially following in his footsteps. But Jazz has Howie and Connie by his side for support and they are such fabulous characters.

If you're looking for some dark thrillers, I do suggest picking these up. They're teen but they definitely don't read that way. And they make for good binge reading considering you'll want to jump right into the next title every time you finish one.

Rating: 4/5

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