Friday, June 21, 2013

The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon

It's time for another Courts of the Feyre review!

Beware, if you've not read the earlier books there are spoilers ahead!

When we left off with Strangeness and Charm, the courts reluctantly decided to consider the eighth court as a new addition. The decision isn't unanimous and while the seventh court hasn't had an official presence in ages, everyone knows they'll be the biggest objectors. The eighth court would offer a place to all the human feyre hybrids - those like Niall and his own daughter, Alex - and those recently freed from Porton Down, who have lately caused... trouble. But trouble with the mongrels - as some of the feyre refer to them - is the least of Niall and Blackbird's worries. The wraithkin are up to something and with the High Court split on their decision regarding the hybrids, both Niall and his wife know there's bound to be some big issues to be dealt with. 

I've sung Mike Shevdon's praises here often enough that you are all aware by now of my fan girl status! The Courts of the Feyre series is a win in every way in my humble opinion - the world, the characters, the stories, the setting, the history...

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it seems this is it for the Courts of the Feyre series. *sniff* I would have loved more closure knowing this is the final installment, but it's been a wild and crazy entertaining ride!

Mike Shevdon catapulted to the top of my favorites list with his debut, Sixty-One Nails. As such, while I'm not sure what he might have planned next, I can guarantee that whatever it is (and hopefully he does have something planned), it'll make it to my must have list as soon as it's announced.

If you're a fan of the series, check out this little piece from Shevdon bidding farewell to the Courts of the Feyre. And, since they didn't make it to the finished book, Shevdon has kindly posted his Acknowledgments and End Notes here.

Rating: 5/5

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