Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines + A Giveaway

After finishing up Ex-Heroes I was pretty anxious to get started reading the follow up, Ex-Patriots. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. (I admit I did abandon a just-barely-started read so that I could dive into this second of the series as soon as it arrived.)

If you haven't read either book yet, now's your chance. Read to the bottom for a chance to win your own set of Peter Clines books (one copy of Ex-Heroes and one copy of Ex-Patriots).

It's now been two years since the Zombocalypse. Two years and the survivors in LA have made it this far thanks to the superheroes that have helped them. The Mount is secure and has even grown to include some of the old Seventeens and their followers who gave up the gang in the wake of the big battle just one year ago. Though they've lost allies and friends along the way, they're making it. That doesn't mean they aren't all a bit relieved when a group of military men and women arrives on their doorstep. But these aren't just any military, they're Project Krypton -- the government's own attempt to create super soldiers with the help of science. Stealth, St. George, Zzzap, and Cerberus travel to Yuma to meet the folks in charge of the project and base. But when they arrive, they find that all is not as it seems. 

Oh, bureaucracy and zombies! Gotta love it.

With Ex-Patriots, Clines has definitely managed to keep up the momentum and excitement of his debut. This second in the series also keeps the same format, switching between present and past, with the flashback chapters again alternating narrators as was the case in in Ex-Heroes. This time around, the past is all told from the perspective of the folks involved in Project Krypton, again serving as an origin story and leading up to the events that are taking place in the present timeline of the tale.

Guys, this series is a must for any zombie fiction fan! I don't really know how else to say it. If you're in need of some shambling, flesh-eating monster tales to quench your Walking Dead craving, you should be reading Peter Clines. If you're a fan of super heroes, if you're a fan of apocalypse settings, heck, if you're a fan of a darn good read, you should be reading Peter Clines. Can I just say if you have any sense, you should be reading Peter Clines?

Rating: 5/5

And now for the giveaway. Super easy. Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter to win a set of Peter Clines books (Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots) before May 12 (US only and no PO boxes, please).

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Soooo looking forward to Ex-Patriots! I have SO MUCH LOVE for these books! I don't enter into many giveaways (Ok, none really) but I couldn't resist this one!

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Loved the books and would love to win copies of these two amazing books!

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