Monday, April 9, 2012

Where's My Bookmark: Moonshine by Alaya Johnson

My reading list has been all over the place of late, just about every flavor of paranormal (demon hunters, mermaids, zombies) and some chick litty stuff as well, so it only made sense to follow up with some vampires. 1920s vampires to be exact.

Alaya Johnson's Wicked City hits shelves this Tuesday, so I've back tracked and am reading the prequel (the first book in her Zephyr Hollis series), Moonshine

Here's a bit about the book from the publisher:

In ALAYA JOHNSON’s amazing debut novel MOONSHINE, readers were captivated by Zephyr Hollis, who on the surface seems to be a typical inhabitant of Prohibition-era Manhattan. She’s a transplant from the ranches of Montana, who teaches night school to the underprivileged of the Lower East Side. She’s extremely socially conscious—you can find her volunteering in soup kitchens or delivering blood for the blood bank. However, you can also find her fighting for the rights of the Others that inhabit New York. These Others are otherworldly creatures, most notably vampires, that live among the human inhabitants. However, like everyone in the crowds of New York City then and now, Zephyr carries many secrets—secrets that protect her but could also very well cost her life.

And Zephyr won out over George R. R. Martin! I'm still planning to dive into Song of Ice and Fire book two, but considering how many great things I've heard about Johnson's series, I figured it wouldn't hurt for the Starks to wait just a tiny bit longer. 

For more on Alaya Johnson, Zephyr Hollis, visit Johnson's website (link above). And for Moonshine excerpt to get you started, go here

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Vickie said...

DUDE! I just ordered this yesterday!! I had a coupon for B&N and kept culling through the WWBL and kept coming back to this one. Cannot wait to read it!!