Friday, December 2, 2011

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

So I finished The Iron Knight last evening. Guess I needed a little reading break after whizzing through that new King. Iron Knight took me just as long to read at about a third of the length!

Ash, the Winter Prince, has vowed that he will be with his love no matter what the cost. As queen of the Iron Realm, Meghan has ordered Ash to leave, knowing full and well that Ash cannot withstand the exposure to iron. And so Ash begins his quest to become human, the only solution to the problem and the only scenario that will allow him to stand by Meghan's side. With Grim and Puck, our hero sets off on his adventure. They are joined by two unexpected companions: the Big Bad Wolf, and a seer who will lead them to the End of the World. Along the way, they will face obstacles that will test their friendship, honor, and loyalties. But can Ash survive? And will Meghan be waiting on the other side?

I love Kagawa's Iron Fey world. The creatures, the various parts of the Nevernever, and the characters all come to life in the pages of these books. The Iron Knight continued in that same vein. My one complaint, though, and it's more that I guess I didn't realize it at the outset, is that this is a trilogy with a fourth title. The trilogy follows Meghan's arc (this is something that's obvious to the reader and also something that Kagawa points out in the interview at the end of Iron Knight). Iron Knight is Ash's tale. So while you do have to read them all in order, this fourth is not a true continuation of those first three in that Meghan is not a prominent character at all. The Iron Fey themselves aren't really featured in the book either. Ash is the lead, the story is told from his perspective, and it is his tale.

I'm not sure why I expected any different, but it led me to feel a bit off in the beginning of the story. Possibly also because I'm not a self-identified "Team Ash" member. Sure, he's the broody and handsome Winter Prince. And I like him. But realistically, I'm a Puck girl at heart. Sorry. It made the book no less enjoyable!

I have to say that I especially loved The River of Dreams and Phaed. Oh, if Kagawa would write an entire series about those two parts of the Nevernever (and more Puck, and more Grim), I would be a happy, happy girl!

Next up for Kagawa is a futuristic series with vampires.

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Belgie said...

This book has some really great plot twists, and emotions. The characters have developed so well, and it's hard to not feel a connection with them. It takes us on a fantastic journey to get Ash back to Meghan as he promised. I kept wishing for the happily ever after, and hoping that Ash and Meghan would get it, but never knew whether it would happen or not. Ash seems to be on an impossible journey, and the odds are not in his favor. This book was so suspenseful and amazing.