Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories and HitRecord

A quick post here. It's Friday! Woohoo! And we're just over a week away from Christmas. If you're looking for any last minute gifts or just want something super fun for yourself, check out HitRecord and their Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. This would be the first volume from !t books.

I was curious about this one when I heard about it. It's a collaborative effort and Joseph Gordon-Levitt heading up the HitRecord movement. The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is a cute little hardcover book with tiny stories and accompanying art. It's fun. It'll make you laugh. It'll make you smile. It'll make you think. And who knows, it might inspire you as well. If so, you can join in on the HitRecord collaboration and maybe you can make it into vol 2!

Here's the prerelease video (though the book is out now):

And a sample of what you will see inside:

I love that one! One of my favorites from the book.

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