Monday, August 1, 2011

Where's My Bookmark: The Magdalena Curse by F.G. Cottam

My brain is fried. I mean really. Probably too much time out in the midday heat yesterday trying to pull weeds. I don't know.

I did manage to get in some quality reading time this weekend. As we speak, I'm in the beginning of my third read, F.G. Cottam's latest horror release, The Magdalena Curse.

Like most readers, I definitely go through genre moods, but I seem to always crave a great creepy story. I kicked off the month with Christopher Ransom and then moved on to Mira Grant's second in the Newsflesh trilogy (Ransom's latest is sharing prime real estate space with Andrew Pyper's The Guardians, the book I mentioned Friday). I wasted some good reading time trying to pick my next read before settling on Cottam: it seemed like a timely choice seeing as how it arrived Friday and is due out Tuesday. (Technically, it's set for release August 2 here, but it's actually been out since 2009 in the UK.)

Thus far, Cottam's had two previous books released here in the States, The House of Lost Souls and Dark Echo, both of which showed Cottam to be a very atmospheric horror author. The Magdalena Curse is proving to be no exception. The story kicks off immediately with a father whose son seems to be possessed as the result of a curse inflicted on the father over a decade earlier. Here's the synopsis from the publisher's page:

It only takes a couple of visits to convince Dr. Elizabeth Bancroft that Adam Hunter is not just having bad dreams. He’s a child possessed.

His father is desperate: adamant that his son’s affliction is the result of a curse he incurred in the depths of the Amazon, where a badly misguided military operation ended in a terrifying and macabre encounter. There he met two women—one who placed the curse and the other with whom any hope of saving his son resides.

Mark Hunter leaves the Scottish Highlands to beg help from the mysterious woman, leaving his son in the care of Elizabeth—who is about to discover there are equally dark secrets on their own doorstep.

And in her blood . . .

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