Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Next on My Must-Buy List!

As a book junkie, it's kind of hard to control the book buying urge. At the moment, I'm trying to vow to myself that I will catch up on an author's backlist titles that may be in the TBR before I buy more -- this is the case with Carol Goodman who, strangely enough, has a new book available only in the UK.

Goodman is the author of:
Arcadia Falls
The Night Villa
The Drowning Tree
The Seduction of Water
The Lake of Dead Languages

She's also co-authored Black Swan Rising and The Watchtower with her husband.

And now we have Incubus, the first in what's being called The Fairwick Chronicles. And it looks fabulous in every way!

I came to Goodman with Ghost Orchid. I've since read The Sonnet Lover and The Night Villa, and of course Black Swan Rising and The Watchtower. So that leaves me a stack of four more books that I've bought over the years that I can tackle before ordering Incubus from the UK.

I'm trying to argue logically with my brain and this is the result :) It's so hard! Who knows, though, maybe I can put it on the Christmas wish list and have caught up on the stack before then. Maybe it'll come out here in the States in the meantime.

As I've yet to post about The Night Villa here, I thought I'd leave you with my BB review from 2008:

Classics professor Sophie Chase didn’t realize that protecting her students from crazed gunmen was part of her job description, but she didn’t hesitate when the need arose. She nearly died thanks to her efforts. After recovering from her wounds, Sophie learns that evidence has been recovered from a dig site in Italy that suggests Iusta, a slave girl who was the subject of her own thesis, may have been in residence at a villa that has been uncovered on the island of Capri. The villa had been destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, but the site and even some scrolls were actually preserved by the ash that covered the island. The evidence is enough to convince Sophie that a trip to Capri might be more than just an opportunity to recuperate. As Sophie and the team translate the discovered writings, they learn that there may be more scrolls hidden on the grounds, scrolls that a cult of Pythagoreans might even be willing to kill to obtain. Goodman’s wonderful prose and lush settings always make for such enjoyable reading. Her literary mysteries are interesting, well plotted, and obviously well researched. I’m in awe of her talent.

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Vickie said...

OOOO! Adding another author to the WWBL. Thanks!