Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Traveling Reads -- Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride

I had to go to El Paso last week for work, which of course meant picking airplane/hotel reads for the trip. Unfortunately, although I packed six books from my TBR stack, I only finished one. Unfortunate for my TBR stack, that is. Fortunate that I stayed busy.

What book did I manage to get through? Stuart MacBride's Cold Granite, the first in the Logan McRae series.

After surviving a stabbing, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae has finally returned to work. But it's not going to be an easy first few days back. The discovery of a little boy's body and the disappearance of a second child are just the beginning of a difficult case for the Aberdeen investigators. Dead end leads and a lack of solid clues are worsened by the public's outrage and more dead bodies.

MacBride's debut is a dark and dense read. I'd actually recommend giving yourself a longer stretch of time to devote to this one -- the side effects of Dramamine and the constant distractions of the airport really cut into my reading of this one. I think that's why it took me longer to get through than it normally would.

I've seen MacBride compared to Ian Rankin and some of the other UK authors out now. I've not yet had the pleasure of reading Rankin and I'm only one book into John Connolly's series so far, but I think it's a safe comparison based on what I know about these authors. You can see here (and this is showing you just how bad the TBR stack is) that I actually picked this one up based on a bookseller recommendation in my continuing quest to find more Mo Hayder like books.

There are currently seven books in the Logan McRae series (plenty for me to add to the To Buy list to catch up):
Cold Granite
Dying Light
Broken Skin
Flesh House
Blind Eye
Dark Blood
Shatter the Bones

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