Monday, March 7, 2011

The Night Season -- Chelsea Cain

I told you guys I would finish this one last week and then I neglected to post. Honestly, I caught up with this series in three days -- it literally took me one day for each book (and it was the weekend, so I got weekend stuff done as well). But, as for the delay in posting, I was actually out of town last week for work. I managed to get some pre posting done before I left, but time sort of whizzed by and I didn't get past saving a draft of this one. Sorry about that.

As I mentioned in the Evil at Heart post, The Night Season is a bit different from the rest of the series. Cain expands the series beyond the scope of Gretchen Lowell and the after effects of her crimes. Night Season definitely could serve as an intro to the series for new readers and opens the series up to so many possibilities.

In the midst of torrential downpours and flood warnings, Susan Ward stumbles upon a story that echoes back to 1948 and the flooding of Vanport. Meanwhile, a killer stalks Portland and one of the PD's own has become the latest victim. As Archie Sheridan races to unmask a killer, his best friend's life hangs in the balance.

The Night Season is nowhere near as dark or disturbing as the first three books in the series. The plotting is stellar and the mystery, as I'd expect from Cain, is gripping (to say the least). An excellent addition, in my humble book junkie opinion!

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