Monday, January 10, 2011

The Radleys by Matt Haig

Ah, dysfunctional families with vampires. That's The Radleys in a nutshell. This was my first read by Matt Haig and I found it entirely enjoyable. The blurbs compared it to American Beauty, a film I was admittedly not that fond of, but the comparison is somewhat appropriate.

The book is a look inside a week at the Radleys home. An unusual week because the two elder Radleys, Helen and Peter, have been keeping a big secret from their now teenage children, Rowan and Clara. Both kids know there's something wrong, but when Clara decides to forgo meat, she kicks off a chain reaction that will blow the Radleys' secrets out of the water.

The Radleys are, of course, vampires. Notes from the Abstainer's Handbook are included : )

Haig's family of bloodsuckers are achingly normal. Their issues and worries are at heart the same worries and issues we all have, with a twist. Rowan in particular was a favorite character of mine. He kind of shines as the hero in my eyes.

The Radleys is quirky, paranormal fiction with heart and humor. Vampires living amongst us, taking out the trash, attending dinner parties, dating...

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