Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love of Books

I saw this quote from Anthony Doerr posted in today's Shelf Awareness and completely fell in love with it. I wanted to share:

...It is the weather in which one reads a book that interpenetrates the paper. It is the mood one is in, the mindset one carries, the hunger in one’s gut, the quality of the sunlight falling across the page. It is the little coffee stain on page 29, the twelve bright stars scratched ecstatically across page 302...

Who doesn't feel like that? I know I do. Doerr, author of Memory Wall: Stories, The Shell Collector, Four Seasons in Rome and About Grace, has summed up the reading experience beautifully.

The quote comes from a post on the Northwest Book Lovers Voices blog here. And is also posted on Simon and Schuster's page for Doerr here.

It's been ages since I read About Grace (2004 actually), but I remember being completely transported by Doerr's words.

And now, in this still snowy and maddeningly cold weather, with lack of sleep hanging over my head, I'm in between books and on the edge of starting a new experience with a new author (or an old favorite). Last night I was in England with a woman carrying a dark secret. Earlier this week, I was in a spaceship heading for a new world. I'm not sure where my reading travels will take me next, but I'm sure it will be fantastic.

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